Return of the Ohm

from Return of the Ohm by Ohm-I



I know it’s been a while, know you missed my style
Know you missed my smile, don’t lie
I know I shouldn’t have left you, without a track to step to
But now it’s all ok, don’t cry

It’s been weighing on my mind, ain’t gettin’ left behind
Tell me who else you can find so fly
Stepping right back in the game and you can say my name.
It’s everybody’s fave, Ohm-I
Now I know it’s been too long since I’ve been pleasured your ears
I’m ain’t talking rubbin’ on your lobes or anything weird
I’m talking spittin’ verses I’ve written and lettin’ you hear
Let me lessen your fears. I’m back and I’mma get it in gear

Black hacker slash rapper, the Return of the Ohm
I’m settling for nothing less than usurpin’ the throne
No matter if it’s on computers or I’m heard on a phone
They observin’ my tones in hoods and suburbian homes

Finished 10 years in the Navy drinking burb and patron
And I finished up my Bachelor’s while learnin’ to pwn
Nerd in the zone, thought I was deserving a clone
Full-time job, full-time student. I emerged fully grown

Now I’m back in attendance. I’m back with a vengeance.
You rappers can get it. Don’t matter if You actually didn’t
Realize I’ve been writing and revising and actually gettin’
My bars up. glad you can witness me back in the business
It’s been dope playing at bars and playing at cons
They say I’m the bomb and slay any stage I get on
Konami Code Lovin’, bringin’ fans on stage to do it
Then they ask me where can they get a new album of my music

………..The answer was nowhere.
My Soundcloud and Bandcamp, I told em they could go there
Used to be just a hobby, then I sold shirts in the lobby
Feelin’ sloppy with my merch cause I had no physical copies

I’m balancin’ the game out, I’m gettin’ it steady
Like an alcoholic with a bottle, I’m getting it ready
Like an alcoholic with a bottle, I’m hittin it heavy
Like an alcoholic with a bottle, I’m pissing on any

And everybody and anything that tries holding me back
Whether I’m rappin’ on a mic, or gettin’ bold with a hack
I ain’t mad at you if thought I was practically near done
But I put bars on beats and they’re slappin’ your eardrums


from Return of the Ohm, released March 6, 2020


all rights reserved



Ohm-I Seattle, Washington

Ohm-I is known for his music that primarily focuses on storytelling and comedy from a nerdy perspective. With a strong penchant for causing you to involuntarily dance and sing along, he has performed at several major anime/gaming conventions and heavily supports spreading awareness of information security careers to kids in underrepresented communities. ... more

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