Exes in RAM

by Ohm-I

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As YTCracker once said: "my ex still occupies non volatile memory in my heap no shame in the game".

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I've got my exes in RAM
And I don't know if I can
Remain a memorable man
I've got my exes in RAM

[Verse 1]
Sometimes I look back and I think about
The times that the two of us were fearless lovers
Then we fell apart and we both had broken hearts
But we never got to clear our buffers

So you remain in memory. We both try to pretend to be
Okay when we get near each other
Two threads caught in a deadlock….
Got the process dead stopped

You thought, I had a shell you could crack,
easier than a password hashed without a salt
I thought we were on the same page when I
Moved into the region but turns out there was a page fault

We played the game, lost direction, no D-pad
Thought we would float after we dipped, no teabag
You tried to course correct, steer us through a deep drag
But it was a hard drive, we needed to defrag

I was never emotionally available. You lived in frustration and depression.
Every time you tried to read that address range in my head, I threw an AccessViolationException.
I virtually protected my emotions because I had never known what it felt like to receive any affection
And we know it's over now, but it's wild how I randomly access our memories when reflectin'
With a bit of introspection.

[Hook x2]

[Verse 2]
I remember all the times that we had fun
We pushed a stack of a lotta smiles
Thought we were deep in the heap, and that
Our relationship was non-volatile

You executed code in my mind and you’ll find
That your thread dropped a lotta files
But then the process died, now your code is orphaned
That’s a problem child, all the while

I thought that we would both make it through
Even if we had a leak if we both stayed aware of it
You thought that we had error correction right there for protection
In case we had failin’ bits

I knew that your mental buffer was overflowed
You knew I didn’t know how to handle the overload
We knew we hit a dead end on the open road
Couldn’t traceback all the errors in our buggy code

There were moments in time when I knew that the two of us were running out of space
We wanted to grow but we both hit our limits and we didn’t have any resources left to allocate
Every time you sat on my lap, like a laptop, all those slots of memory are gettin’ SO-DIMM
And it’s still over now, but it’s wild how my memory keeps loading your page over again
And again and again


released March 19, 2020
Instrumental by Tone Jonez.
Recording, mixing and mastering by Bill Beats. NOIR GRIME.


all rights reserved



Ohm-I Seattle, Washington

Ohm-I is known for his music that primarily focuses on storytelling and comedy from a nerdy perspective. With a strong penchant for causing you to involuntarily dance and sing along, he has performed at several major anime/gaming conventions and heavily supports spreading awareness of information security careers to kids in underrepresented communities. ... more

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